Bernard Rose was born in London and graduated from the National Film and Television School.  Rose was a prodigious filmmaker, winning a BBC young filmmakers competition in 1975.  Rose then went on to workas an assistant for Jim Henson on THE MUPPET SHOW and THE DARK CRYSTAL.  Rose was one of the pioneering music video directors in the early days of MTV, shooting the promos for RELAX – Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and RED RED WINE for UB40.  Rose’s feature credits as writer and director include; PAPERHOUSE (1989), CANDYMAN (1992), IMMORTAL BELOVED (1994), ANNA KARENINA (1998), ivans xtc (2002), The Kreutzer Sonata (2008) and Mr. Nice (2010).

Director’s Statement:

TWO JACKS is a fast paced, glamorous and romantic vision of Hollywood now and then.  In the first half we meet Jack Hussar (Danny Huston) and are sucked into his mad world of parties, girls, fights and sheer bravado.  In the second, we follow his son Jack Jr. (Jack Huston) as he tries to step into the great man’s shoes, but the world has changed and he is still a callow youth.  The first half is set in the past and has a romantic patina, like Fellini’s La Dolce Vita – it is a celebration of the excesses of an innocent age – as all past ages seem innocent.  It is a world that seems only yesterday, but is already very different, both technologically and socially, to our present.  The second half, in the present, is like a slap in the face, as Jack Jr. faces the harsh reality of the era.  But there is much humor in seeing how he unravels, trying to do the things his father did but somehow always getting it wrong.  The film is very loosely based on the Tolstoy story TWO HUSSARS (1856), and like all Tolstoy stories contains some eternal truths: that the past always seems like a golden era, that young men seem so much less than their forebears, and ultimately that they are all doing and repeating the same things in an endless cycle.  In the end, Jack Jr. comes of age through suffering his first taste of failure, and in his own mind finally earns the respect of his wayward father.  TWO JACKS is a humorous, entertaining, romantic and bittersweet film with a genuine movie business pedigree that will appeal to movie lovers, film festivals, critics and general audiences.

Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor